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31.01.2004 05:35 - Shiteware!!

I downloaded Mozilla 1.6 to use on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300 with win2000 about a week ago. It was running quite well, and I\'m very impressed with it.

Fool that I was, I then tryed to play a realaudio file. Realplayer, hideous piece of shiteware that it is, downloaded the latest version, installed it, cocked up the installation and left me with a hideous mess.

One of the things it has managed to do is completely stop Mozilla 1.6 from working, even when I have removed and reinstalled the software.

I suspect that this is down to a .dll incompatibility, but I can\'t even get an error message out of Mozilla. I click on it, the disk whirrs briefly, nothing happens. I\'ve tried going into the DOS window and starting it from it\'s home directory and nothing seems to happen.

Any suggestions?

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