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15.02.2005 15:49 - You Should Really Try This One..

Browsing my site logs, I\'ve noticed for some reason that the alternate take of \"October Girls\" is fairly popular. (If you can call 15 downloads in a month popular). This is somewhat puzzling to me as the album take is a far better version as far as I\'m concerned. The alternate version was a bit too slow and boring. What amazes is that \"The Girl(with the sunshine in her eyes)\" or \"Golddigger\" are far better tunes as far as I\'m concerned, but they get about a third of the downloads of \"October Girls\". Perhaps this is something to do with the positioning on the site (there are downloads on the album page as well).

At any rate, you should really try \"Girl..\" and \"Golddigger\". Personally, I think they\'re my best tunes, and if you like the free versions, you can get better high-quality mp3s from You could also buy the album from Cdbaby or from my own shop should you wish.

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