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17.02.2005 12:27 - Ay, Ye gorra light, Jimmy?

When I was a student, in the far-off days of the 1980s, it was quite easy to travel to London on my Student Railcard. As Stafford was on the main midland line, and everything was operated by British Rail, rather than the confusing mess that now exists, our point of arrival or departure in London was invariably Euston Station. This, I must add, was in the days when Euston station had seats, and bins. Nowadays they have been removed due to \"Terrorist threats\".

One of the problems with using these seats was that sooner or later, you invariably got pestered by a Scottish drunk.

After some observation and comparing notes with several friends, I came to the conclusion that this was all a massive charade put on by British Rail to make sure that the limited number of seats didn\'t get hogged by a small minority, and that the Scottish drunks were actually all actors employed to do this. If one observed long enough, then presumably one would see one of the \"drunks\" disappear through a hidden door, reappearing later in full \"Luvvie\" costume of velvet smoking jacket and beret, heading off via the underground to to the National Theatre, to the \"evening job\". I never quite caught a glimpse of that, although I did notice that a large amount of the drunks disappeared into the cavernous Euston gents never to return. Perhaps they had a private door out the back.

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