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04.02.2004 00:20 - Why I Like Playing The Bass In A Jazz Band

I\'ve just realised, on the way home from a practice, why I like playing bass in a jazz band.

Firstly, it\'s more laid-back.  You don\'t have to wear leather, have big hair and tight pants.  You can actually sit down on a chair on-stage.  You don\'t have to leap about.  The audiences are cool, too, and clap politely at the end of each solo.

Secondly, it\'s a lot less arrogant.  You don\'t get lunatic egomaniacs with guitars who won\'t stop bloody soloing all the way through everything, with a dreadful over-effected distorted sound with three different types of chorus and reverb, because it\'s \"their sound, man\". 

Thirdly, it\'s a lot more stable.  I\'ve been with this bunch for about three years now.  That\'s far longer than any other band I\'ve ever been in has lasted.  We\'ve never had any \"throwing stuff out the pram\" tantrums from any member, which is more than I can say for my parallel band..

Alright, sometimes some of the stuff we play goes waaaay over my head and plop against the wall, and playing things like one of Mingus\'s more \"experimental\" pieces in 13/8 leaves me cold, but on the whole, everyone\'s a lot less volatile. 

We\'re so pretty, oh so pretty uncool, and we don\'t mind.

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