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05.02.2004 15:16 - Shopping For Clothes

Into every man\'s life a little rain must fall, and it usually does so in my case when I have to go shopping for clothes with my girlfriend.

After sitting around in various shops, saying \"yes I like that\" or \"no I think that looks bad\" or \"really, it doesn\'t make you look fat\" and being completely ignored, I came to the following conclusion.

Women\'s clothing stores should have a separate place set aside for men.  This place would have a coffee machine, comfy seats, internet connections and (if possible) some of the most violent network games known to man.  Women could then leave their other halves there whilst going round in gangs trying on stuff, and the men could relieve their existential angst upon the violent computer games.

It\'s simple, it\'s neat and it would save a lot of relationship counselling sessions.

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