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11.02.2004 01:46 - Eko and the Jazzmen

Resoldering basses back together seems to be an occupational hazard of mine.

Whilst I was in \"The Simpletons\", Kevin Bignell, our bassman, owned an absolutely horrid Höhner Precision bass copy.  It seemed there was a time when, just before a gig, it would somehow manage to loosen a connection just before we were due to go on, and yours truly would take it apart and have to resolder the connections.  I now know that \"Höhner\" is Kölsch for \"Hens\".  I can understand why that bass was called that, because if it was a hen I would have wrung it\'s neck. (See later entry about hens and me).

Well, during our session in the recording studio, it was noted that my Eko violin bass wasn\'t sounding very well on the bridge pickup.  Tonight at rehearsal, it wasn\'t making a sound at all on the bridge pickup.  I took it apart in break and checked the switch.  The soldering was a bit of a mess, and it seemed to start working, so I put it back together and it stopped again.

I waited till I got home and took the electrics apart again.  This involved taking out the front pickup, dropping the switch into the body and pulling it out.  Fortunately the body is not as big as, for example, a 335-style guitar, so it was easy to remove and reinstall the switch.  I took it out twice, it worked twice, reassembled it twice to find it didn\'t work.  Finally I removed the bridge pickup from its socket to find that the earth on that was loose and flapping round.  Soldering it fixed the problem, and the Eko is now thudding dully again.

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