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05.01.2007 10:55 - The 2006 Comedy Awards

And the award for the year's best sex comedy goes to .... Torchwood.

I find it simply brilliant how they've managed to take the basic plots of "The X-Files", "Men In Black" and "UFO", mash them all up, and dumb it all down into a Science-Fiction version of "The Office". Of course, I didn't realise it was a comedy until the last episode, when Ricky Gervais turned up and started stomping round Cardiff squashing buildings. Talk about blatant, eh?

Personally, I found the final episode a bit disappointing. I thought they were going to end up having a huge office christmas party where everyone sleeps with everyone else, doses each other with the memory drug, and then Gwen wakes up on boxing day next to her dull boyfriend whose name nobody can remember, pulls open the curtains and finds they're both exhibits in an intergalactic zoo. Or she's in Portmeirion. Or something.

Still, at least it's better than "Men In Black : 2".



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