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12.02.2007 08:46 - Kung Fu Peas

Want to know what your favorite kung-fu artist snacks upon in-between smashing bricks with his head?

Then try Japan's premier nibble - wasabi-coated peas. I kid you not. Dried peas coated with wasabi.

Her Maj wanted to eat sushi (even after my recent article) in the bar in one of the big stores in Cologne at the weekend, so muggins here had to stick to the vegetarian menu - which, although it contains no actual fish, has a slight and vague aftertaste of it. Due to a slight mix-up, it took a while for my plate to arrive. As a token of gratitude for our patience (or perhaps as revenge) we were given a whole can of wasabi peas.

What do they taste of? Well, if you've never tasted wasabi, it's basically green horseradish sauce - but much stronger. Try to imagine dried peas coated in that, and remember that this snack hails from the land that brought you "Endurance" and "Takashi's Castle".

All I can say is that I heartily recommend them if you need your sinuses sterilising.


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