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28.02.2007 21:07 - Myspace Whore

Hatred is a terrible word.

I'm an easy-going sort of guy, but, occasionally, I have to admit to some human frailty, and it's time to confess.

I loathe and despise Tom on Myspace.

He's always the first to befriend you when you create an account, and he pretends to be all helpful and that, but when you get down to it, he's just a total Myspace whore. He doesn't care about you, he just wants to have the biggest friends list on there. When it comes down to it, does he ring? Does he write? Does he hell. He just sits there issuing bulletins. Just general stuff, nothing personal. No "Hi, Steve, really liked your song" stuff. Oh no. And his taste in music's a bit suspect, too, if the recommendations on the start page are anything to go by.

I bet he's keen on the ladies, though. He's certainly been on the friend list of some very dodgy types I've found when -ahem- researching the shadier side of the site. I bet he spends his days 'researching' the hotter chicks and hitting up on the ones he thinks will be impressed - although quite why they'd be impressed I don't know. He could certainly do with a good smartening up. I imagine the endless nights in stuck in front of a computer covered in empty pizza boxes, issuing endless bulletins, has taken it's toll....

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