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13.02.2007 15:55 - Fifth Anniversary

If you're wondering why posts to this blog have not been frequent of late, it is because of this.  I've been busy working on the CMS for the website, writing it, using the same framework I use for this blog, and then filling it with lots and lots of data about Hollywood's English Comedy Nights.

The last show was in November, in which I also performed, and due to christmas, karnival etc. it was decided that we would put the next show back to March, allowing us to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the show.  We'll all be performing - Johnny (as it's his show, naturally), Bob , Casey , OlgaJames (who narrowly avoided being part of the german Eurovision song contest entry by a mere six places), Kathy and yours truly.

Headlining the show are The Incredible Heinz (who has his own show on Comedy Central ) and the blind english comedian Chris McCausland.  There are also going to be a couple of surprises, but I'm not allowed to tell you about those, as they're not yet fixed.


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