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20.02.2007 15:33 - Another Anniversary

Wednesday 21st February will be the eighth anniversary of my arrival in Cologne.  Eight years ago I took a particularly vexing flight from Birmingham International, which stranded me in Brussels airport for an hour before getting me to Düsseldorf airport. 

I arrived in Germany, laden with two suitcases and a Rickenbacker 350, and just 3000 Deutschmarks, and was shown to a one-room flat, which was within the sound of the Dom, and of St. Ursula's. 

I know this because their bloody bells woke me at six in the morning on Sunday.

Once left alone in the flat, the enormity of what I had done overwhelmed me, so I played my guitar for a while, calmed myself down, and went downstairs to buy sugar and milk so I could make myself a cup of tea using the tea bags I had brought with me.  It wasn't easy.  I arrived knowing absolutely no german, although I had a small phrasebook.  I got by with pointing at things or buying in supermarkets.

Frankly, I'm amazed I managed to stay this long. 

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