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10.04.2007 07:39 - Ghost

Waaaay back in 1995, my old band, the Simpletons, decided to make a demo tape. Actually, we decided to make two, one in 1995 and the other in 1996. To make the recordings, we went to the studio at the very top of the billiards club right next to my parent's house. Little did we know, that the studio was haunted.

The Billiards club, known as "Heron Court" , had been a convent, and the attic where the studio was built was originally the dormitory for the Novices. The convent was originally opened by a Roman Catholic order called "The Sisters of The Christian Retreat" in 1901, in the Building diagonally opposite called "Heron's Nest", originally built by the family who owned an Iron foundry on the site of Heron Court. (The two were rumoured to be connected by underground tunnels). Anyway, to cut a long story short, one of the novice nuns, for reasons lost in the mists of time, committed suicide.

Fast-forward to 1995, and Abbey Sound studios has been resident in the attic space for a number of years. Strange happenings have been reported. Lee, the owner, claims that sometimes he has felt a ghostly hand stroking his hair. Instruments have mysteriously moved round during the night.  Things have disappeared, only to reappear in the most unlikely places.  It seems that there is a poltergeist afoot.

One sceptical musician, on being told, claimed there were no such thing as ghosts, only to be hit on the head by a clock. A clock which was normally fixed on a wall a good ten feet away from where the musician was standing.  Clocks don't normally jump ten feet.

We didn't notice any supernatural activity whilst we were there. About the only thing that happened was that Grant the Drummer (who had been in an episode of "Crossroads") couldn't find a can of Ribena that he'd brought with him. However, I suspect the disappearance was caused by unsupernatural phenomena.

He was a drummer, after all...

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