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12.04.2007 20:51 - Weak Stomach? Did You See How Far It Went?

I didn't have the best Bank Holiday Monday, thanks to a slight bout of food poisoning.

Her Maj didn't seem to think it was *that* important, and insisted on visiting friends in Bonn.

Big mistake.

I sat there looking rather gray round the gills, and her friends remarked upon my paleness.

I excused myself to go and throw up in their downstairs toilet. Which finally got Her Maj's attention. By which time, of course, it was too late.

I was sick in a hedge on the way home. Unfortunately we happened to be passing the hedge at considerable speed. Her Maj was lucky, I later told her, that I had managed to get the window down in time.  She complained that I should have told her to stop.  Oh yeah?  If I'd have done that, my mouth would have been pointing in a direction 180 degrees opposite from the passenger window.  I don't think she would have been very pleased.

I don't think the two cyclists we passed were very pleased, either.


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