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11.04.2007 20:11 - The Inner Comedian

When I was at school, we had one of those biology lessons where our teacher showed you the human body without any skin. No - not hers - a picture. It's at times like these that the inner comedian takes over, unfortunately. I say unfortunately, as, as those of you who suffer from an inner comedian will probably confirm, there are certain people who can't see the funnier side of life. Biology teachers for one.

"Miss! Miss!"

"Yes, Steven"

"Where's his willy?"

"That's not important, Steven".

"Well, it might not be important to YOU, Miss..."

As you may imagine, I later repented at her leisure. One thousand lines on the subject of "I will not make crude jokes in front of the class". Crude?! There's comedians who would kill for a line like that. (Or just downright steal it - yes, I know you're reading this. I have a special "Thieving Comedian" Geolocation Webserver stats module.)

I bet she got plenty of mileage out of it, later in the staffroom.

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