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26.04.2007 07:42 - Nothing To Hide, Or The Right To

Don't you just hate the sanctimonious, holier-than-thou little gits, who, whenever you complain about some official intrusion into your life, sniff "Why are you against it if you have nothing to hide?", blown-up pompous windbags that they are.

The truth is that these sanctimonious little weasels with their clever little sayings are eroding the right to privacy. Everyone has something to hide. Most people have events in their past, either their fault or someone else's, or just an unfortunate problem, that they hide because they do not wish to be pre-judged by the same sanctimonious little gits who are spouting this crap. You know it, I know it, and those snooty little bastards know it, and they're determined to be the ones in charge of it. What they don't like is that everyone has a right to hide.  They don't like the fact, for example, that an employee has the right to hide their medical record, for fear of the sack if they have a long-term complaint which is likely to result in too many sick days.  Or a multitude of other things that would be unfairly held against the individual in question, allowing the creation of a modern equivalent of Harijan Untouchables.

It's notable that some of the worst people for breaching other people's privacy and blowing it all over their tabloid press had the most to hide.

Am I right, Rupert, or am I right, Robert?

What have you got to lose if you have nothing to hide?


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