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25.09.2007 22:27 - The Botherer of Lizards (misprint)

I've spent the last four days in Wivenhoe, for Martin Newell's "Golden Afternoon". It's been a good four days, with Martin being so kind as to show us round Wivenhoe itself, giving a commentary. He's publishing a history of Wivenhoe shortly. The Golden Afternoon was extremely good, with a surprise appearence by John Cooper-Clark, who gave an impromptu performance. Then, off to the pub - the Greyhound - and then the local Indian, where Martin and JCC kept us all amused.

I used the remaining time to visit a few old haunts in London, to discover that Andy's, where I purchased my Rick 350 (and actually got money back on the deal) is gone, bankrupt and empty, and the infamous italian café "The Barino", where I sat with the DT's after parting with a load of money for the Rick, (and also a place with a lot of history for Music fans and Newell fans) is gone. It's now a sodding Starbucks.

There was a lefthanded red Rick 330 in the window of one guitar shop, though.

Before you ask, I didn't buy it.

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