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14.11.2007 07:56 - An Antidote for Viagra

An antidote for viagra : I mean, someone's got to be working on it, haven't they? Because, let's face it, there must be times when you thought you were going to need Mr. Pinky standing to attention, dropped a V, only to be disappointed, and find out that he's now stretching the trouser fabric in a most unpleasant-looking way - or even painful, depending on how tight you like your keks.

What if, for example, you've done an Ozzy Osbourne, and taken viagra, and, whilst you waiting for it to work, she's nodded off? Apart from play tents all night with the duvet, that is. Now you've either got to lie in bed until it wears off, whilst wearing boxing-gloves to prevent severe friction burns, and hope that you don't drop off and roll over onto your highly-sensitized probe. Either that or take a very cold shower.

You never hear of anyone being slipped viagra by their date, do you? It would be handy if she wanted to get rid of him, because he's not exactly going to be able to run very fast in tight trousers. Or see over tall objects, for that matter, because he'll be bent double like Groucho Marx. Mind you, I suppose it may occasionally happen in gay circles.



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