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17.04.2008 07:05 - What's the Hold-Up?

You may have noticed some teeny alterations round here. I'm getting rid of the old contracting stuff, and concentrating on the comedy on this site.

You may have also noticed that there's still no video from the Offene Bühne. This is not for reasons of quality control :far from it. The auftritt was successful, even though my energy levels on-stage were lacking and I was a little slow. No, the problem is that the DVD-R of the show seems to freak out every ripper that I try, or give less than satisfactory results. The act is also fifteen minutes long, which is not only notable by Offene Bühne standards - you usually get 8 minutes (my last one was slightly over that, this one way over that) but also because most video websites will only let you upload a maximum of 10 minutes. Now that wouldn't be a problem - I opened an account on Revver - if I could get the damn thing off the disk. I've tried a number of rippers. Some fail outright. Some have problems with the aspect ratio. VLC rips it successfully, but doesn't seem to be writing it in any known format that my video programme (Ulead VideoStudio) understands. Can anyone shed any light on this?


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