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01.05.2008 10:49 - More gigs

The European Space Agency gig was a load of fun.  We did the gig, then we got to go round the Columbus module simulator.

Bonn was... ok.  Because it was 30th April, most people were out at the "Tanz in Mai" - meaning the audience tended to be a bit old.  I thought they were unresponsive because they didn't understand that much english, but the other performers commented that they thought the audience was on valium or something as well.   

Meanwhile, Agent 0069 - Codename: Studmuffin is getting his own theme tune - "Like A Thief In The Night". 

Yesshh.  Even Shuper Shpies need love, and it takes a very schpecial woman to love one.  Or several average ones at the same time.


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