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06.05.2008 08:43 - No Idea

Time once again, in the absence of anything better, to examine the search engine links that lead to this page.

For a website that usually attracts (and, it must be said, disappoints) net porn freaks, the first link is a surprise.  it is "Expert system in PHP".  Now, those of you with long memories and degrees in computer science might remember expert systems.  Expert systems were the Next Big Thing in computing in about, oh, 1985, when I was still an impressionable young computing student, yet to discover the pleasures of hiding the sausage, or the damping effects of alcohol on the depression caused by abject failure to hide the aforementioned sausage with a young lady of my choice. 

Now, it is debatable whether anyone would want to write an expert system in PHP.  PHP, you see, although a specialist web language, is basically C/C++ with trainer wheels.  You would not want to write an expert system in it.  You would use prolog (a language that, worryingly, hasn't evolved since my student days), pop-11 or lisp.  Preferably pop-11.  But definitely not PHP.  Expert systems haven't been the next big thing for some time.  This is basically because expert systems evolved in the days when Government agencies threw large development budgets at projects.  The web has spoiled all that, because we are now in the more refined days of venture capitalists throwing money at web projects that are designed, above all, to separate a fool from his money.

Next up, we're back to the porn freaks, with "freak porn", "tranny porn" and "pussyflaps" - although the last one might be a naiive attempt to find one of those feline doors.  I'd just like to say hello to all the sad weirdos reading this.  Were you not warned by the "disappointing net porn freaks since 2003" header?

Finally, a sign that this blog is gaining some notoriety, with the search term "pnp orgy".  Although they could be looking for an article about the Philippine National Police. 

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