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01.05.2009 08:16 - Supermarket Navicomputers

Someone was telling me that the local supermarkets are now selling Navi-computers.  I'm not surprised.  Ever since they refurbished Rewe, I can't find the washing-up liquid.  Turns out they meant they're just selling normal navi-computers for in the car.  It would be a nice idea, though, wouldn't it?  Having a little navicomputer clipped to the handlebar of the trolley.  You could scan in your shopping list, and it would work out the optimum path.  "Turn left"...carry on three shelves...PING! You have arrived at the cheese counter."

Of course, it wouldn't work at Aldi if I was with Her Maj, because she likes to go through all the special offers down the middle of the shop.

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