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20.05.2009 15:37 - Wannabies

Something I constantly find amazing : Comedian websites.  By Comedian websites I don't mean established comedians, I mean the up-and-coming ones like me.  Personally, I haven't bothered much with revamping my website beyond cutting it down to just the blog, because I'm semi-pro.  I don't earn all that much from comedy (although, ironically, I've earned more from comedy in one gig than in all the years gigging in bands), and so, until I can genuinely say I've got a local or national following through paying gigs, I don't see much point in having a website, other than somewhere to put clips. (Speaking of which, several clips upcoming from my last "Hollywood's" set).

Some people, however, seem to get the cart before the horse.  They've got a pro website from day 1, listing all their upcoming gigs... and they're all open-mic nights. I would have thought there isn't much point in throwing all that money away having a comedian website, until you're actually a comedian.  I'm sorry to say that there are a lot out there with extremely professional websites for extremely amateur acts.  Personally I'm concentrating on getting my act right.  I must be doing something right, as I've already had some of my stuff nicked.

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