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20.05.2010 20:06 - The Shark

Her Maj has bought... a BMW.  A 5 series, to be exact.  This took an incredible amount of patience.  Finding a car that is over 2 litres in Germany that isn't diesel is a nightmare.  As it was, we settled for an automatic.  Even though it is a semi-automatic.  The difference was plain to feel in the BMW on a test-drive in comparison with a 1.8 auto Passat.  The Passat felt horrible to drive, with no feedback and a noticable gear change.  The BMW, in comparison, told you where it was and what it was doing, and with a practically unnoticable gear change.  Driving behind an unsuspecting little Opel Corsa, I realised what the BMW was.  It felt like driving a shark, which probably explains the behavior of most BMW drivers.

Sharky will be arriving tomorrow.   It has, however, made me all the more determined to find a decent Mini.  No, not the crap BMW thing, the real thing like this :

50 YEARS OF MINI from one pound pictures on Vimeo.

And as soon as I have it, I want to put one of these in it.

That'll show her.

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