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14.10.2004 08:58 - More Stuff You didn\'t Know About Me

  • On October 21, 2003, a model submarine I carved from a single piece of parmesan dived to an officially-verified world record 200 ft and (and this is the important bit) resurfaced.  The crew, a single white mouse, was certified to be alive and well, although it later expired from cheese-related dementia.
  • I have a pet whippet named Frisky, whom I have taught to Hang-glide.
  • I am in the record world book of Guinnesses.  (Flanagans Bar, O\'Connell St, Dublin, April 2001.)
  • I am the World\'s only officially-recognized case of Tourette\'s Syndrome by Proxy.
  • I was once mistaken for a croquet mallet by William Shatner.
  • I worked as an artist\'s model for H.R. Giger.
  • I own Tom Baker\'s original dentures that he wore when he was a monk.
  • Some of the above may be lies.

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