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23.10.2004 21:09 - Extending the Blog

I\'ve been toying with the idea of an RSS feed for some time now.  A colleague discovered my blog and wanted to add it to his (see ya later)aggregator, and that gave me the impetus to grasp the nettle, as it were.  Since I\'ve written my own blog software, just switching on an RSS feed isn\'t straightforward.  So I basically found the simplest explanation of RSS (0.9) and then wrote a simple cronjob to bang out a flat file (rss.xml) every day or so.

The file is here, or here if you are reading on the Sinistrals website.  There is also a Feedburner link, so if you can\'t find your personal favorite version of RSS, then go there.

On another (disappointing) front, I\'ve gone back to the Explorer-only version of HTMLarea.  The Cross-browser version just didn\'t deliver the goods.  It didn\'t work with some versions of Explorer, and getting it to work with Firefox just proved to be a pain in the arse.  So it\'s back to Explorer for the time being.  Yuck.

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