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29.10.2004 13:47 - Geek Arguments

The surest way to bore me is to start a Geek Argument.

By a Geek argument, I mean something along the lines of \"which operating system is best\", \"we should rewrite product x in language y\" and so on.  I refuse to be drawn on any of these arguments, because, to be honest, the real reason the arguer wants language y or operating system x is because it\'s their favorite.  That\'s it.  Simple lack of a wide range of experience.  And it bores me rigid, because all you\'re doing is showing your ignorance.  Take for example, the statement \"I prefer developing HTML in Microsoft Explorer because it\'s more forgiving\".  How naiive can you get?  If you\'re doing this as a job, you should be using the most unforgiving software out, that freaks out every time you make a minor failure, because you should be working toward the goal of complete browser independence. There\'s nothing like having a mailbox full of complaints that your page does not render.  So what do you use? A browser that does not even warn you when it fails to find a style sheet you specified?  That\'s like disconnecting the brake warning lights on your car because you\'re fed up of that \"annoying red light\" that briefly flashes every time you start the engine.  See what I mean?

I\'m bored now.  I\'d rather, quite frankly, talk about playing guitar.  It\'s more fun.  Except you get the same sort of geeks there as well.  You get the amp bores and the vintage guitar freaks, the note-perfect analists etc. like this

At times it seems the whole world is full of know-it-all know-nothings filled with third-hand knowledge eked from fourth-rate websites.

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