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04.01.2005 16:58 - Painful Realisation

I am not a guitarist\'s guitarist.

I do not play the sort of music that interests guitarists. I am not technically proficient, and I do not find technical virtuosity interesting. I do not play blindingly fast solos by tapping. I am not a user of heavy distortion, phasing, flanging or chorusing. When I play a solo, it has to be carefully constructed and practiced. It is very rare that I find something to play instantly. For me, the song, not the solo, is king.

Over the last twelve months I have been practicing pentatonic scales - major and minor, over the neck. I have been playing solos with them, and, I am forced to admit that, in the mad rush to sound like everyone else, I feel I have thrown the baby out with the bath-water.

When I was in the Simpletons, I was forced into playing a lot of lead guitar, because I ended up being the only guitarist there. This meant that I was forced to construct solos for both Kevin\'s and my songs. This was usually done by doodling about either with a major or minor scale, and/or pentatonics until I found something of interest. These didn\'t usually move round the neck much. In attempting to break out of that position I have been learning the pentatonic. Unfortunately, in doing so, I\'ve found that I\'ve become a lot less original that I was in the Simpletons.

I now realise that the way I used to compose solos was far more interesting-sounding, and that I have to start doing that again.

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