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22.01.2005 01:56 - It Would Be Cool

About two months ago, in German classes, we were given an exercise based on genetic engineering.

Basically, we were given a list of options (GM crops, clones, genetically-engineered humans, resurrection of Dinosaurs ala \'Jurassic Park\') and had to argue for or against them.

That was when the boredom kicked in. I just KNEW everyone was going to jump on the P.C. wagon, and so I went for the total opposite, just to get a laugh. To whit : genetically engineered super-soldiers, riding on dinosaurs, with lasers in their eyes. (the dinos, not the soldiers). It would be cool, Al Quaeda certainly wouldn\'t dare mess with us, and think of the fortune we could make selling the toy rights.

It goes without saying that no-one could argue against this masterplan because they were too busy laughing, particularly the Japanese after the crack about what Godzilla keeps doing to Tokyo.

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