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10.01.2005 13:49 - Blog Meme

In response to this....

\"Well, I think the title says it all. This interview has some excellent advice for songwriters. Magnatune finally updated their music today and sent out a bulletin. Some of you may know that I\'ve been learning the german language. I didn\'t have a good time at the Open Mic night last night. (David Van Cordlandt Crosby)..was one of the original Byrds, a founder member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and is interviewed here. Thanks to one of the original codebreakers, you can simulate what it was like to decode a message with a German Kriegsmarine Enigma device, without it exploding in your face (the originals featured scuttling bombs to prevent them falling into enemy hands). I\'ve hurt my hand. Yes, that iTunes. Big Al, a friend of mine, is featured here, playing a rather nice-looking Jazz bass for the band \"Doc Savage\". At long last, (touch wood!) my music PC seems to be working. Oliver has been caught out by a very PAYPAL phishing mail.\"

Crap idea, wasn\'t it?

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