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31.01.2005 09:43 - FAQ Off

Why don\'t you have comments on your blog?

A: Because that\'s not a blog, it\'s a bulletin board on which only the moderator can start a subject.

But I want to comment on something you said.

But I don\'t want YOUR comments over MY blog. You\'re probably only looking to comment-spam it to improve your google index anyway.

Oh go on

No. If you really want to comment, go and get your own blog and put a link to the article on mine, you freeloader.

No, because you don\'t have a trackback

So if you slag me off you want me to link to you automatically?

Yes, it\'s called discussion.

If I wanted a discussion in the first place I\'d post it to a bulletin board, not here.

Why don\'t you want to discuss things?

Because this is MY website, about ME and MY thoughts. It\'s not about YOU.

Oh go on...



You\'ll only use it to troll, or in a vain attempt to publicise your own site.

Pwwwwweeeeeeze? Pwiddy Pweeze wiv sugar on top??

Oh alright then, anything to stop you whining.

Oh I\'m so hot and wet, Cum see my Webcam! http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

See? I knew I couldn\'t trust you.

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