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07.03.2005 18:16 - Whole EU Now Officially a \"Mockracy\"

What\'s a \"Mockracy\" then?

A Mockracy, dear reader, is any form of Government where majority rule is perverted from normal course by individuals for their own short-term gain. It is an increasingly popular form of Government in these post 9/11, post Cold-War times. It is often disguised as \"being for your own good\" by the selfish and greedy who have accumulated enough power and influence to alter things to their liking, without concern for running roughshod over the heads of those less fortunate than themselves. Indeed, it is increasingly fashionable for these people to openly sneer at those who call for consideration for those less well-off. Justice has become a buyable commodity, with \"right\" being based merely on who has the most money. This is a trend that had its basis in the \"Greed is Good\" attitude of the 1980\'s, and this corruption has spread throughout the body politic until it has finally reached the head.

Witness, for example, the passing of EU Software Patent Laws today despite objections from Denmark, Poland and Portugal and the European Parliament, and dirty manouvres which cheated the bill through DESPITE overwhelming objections.

Witness, for example, the continuing insistence of the British Government in passing unconstitutional laws that allow the indefinite detention of people without recourse to a fair hearing. Laws which, apparently, are supposed to be used in Terrorist prevention, despite the fact that mainland UK survived terrorist attacks for 30 years without recourse to such draconian laws.

Don\'t bother voting in the coming elections, folks, because it\'s a waste of fucking time.

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