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23.03.2005 08:17 - Cold Green Egg Soup

Or, Culture Shock Part 2.

If you ever visit Germany, you may find things on the menu which don't turn out to be what you expected, and, by the high-pitched whining I once experienced in a hotel full of Brits just behind Neumarkt ("oh, this bacon's not cooked! Oo the sausages taste of garlic!" &c) it's a pretty common experience.

My own culture-shock involves a particular delicacy beloved of people from Frankfurt. After a long Saturday working overtime at work, I and a colleague retired over the road to a bar called Alcazar. It's still there, and the food is usually quite good. Upon this day, I espied something on the menu which read "Frankfurter Suppe" : Frankfurter soup. Whoopee, my inner voice cried, soup with sausage in it! It's a common german meal, soup with a sausage in it. I eagerly ordered in my somewhat (then) shonky german. (Well, alright, it's still shonky, but at least I can ask for a beermat without getting a dachshund for my warehouse).

Imagine my horror, then, dear reader, when I was presented with a plate of what was definitely NOT soup with sausage in it.

It was green.

It was cold.

It had half a boiled egg in the middle of it.

This delightful concoction is what is known as Frankfurter Suppe. If I'd wanted soup with a sausage in it, I should have asked for Linseneintopf mit bockwurst. I was clearly disappointed, and it obviously showed, as I could tell by the hysterical laughter from my colleague.

By the time he'd finished, I don't think there was a single person in Cologne who hadn't heard about it. I've even been approached by people from as far away as Königswinter who have heard the story.

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