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15.03.2005 08:46 - -*CRUNCH*-

The past week has been one of constant agony.

It started with a nagging pain in my right leg. This, I thought, was due to sitting in a draft in the extremely cold weather we\'ve been having. However the nagging pain got worse, and no amount of winter woollens would appease it. I would quite literally have to wrap the leg up in a blanket before the warmth gave some relief.

Over the week, the pain has come and gone, but mostly stayed. Sometimes it was so painful I could barely walk, with it pulsating right down the whole leg.

Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday I sat down, and something in the lower part of my back (Trans : Wirbelsaure, German word fact-fans!) went -*CRUNCH*- and the pain vanished. It appears that for the last week, I have actually been suffering from sciatica - a trapped nerve due to a disc moving out of alignment in the spine. Apparently some people spend entire years of their lives coping with the pain, so I was pretty lucky that the disc popped back in when it did. Mind you, if I was lucky, it wouldn\'t have happened in the first place.

I know what caused it. Oh yes. It\'s that bloody mattress we\'ve bought. It\'s been ricking both of our backs out ever since we bought it a year ago. So much for the \"trained salesperson\" who helped us choose it. If we\'d have gone for the nice soft one like I said we wouldn\'t have these problems.

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