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29.03.2005 02:55 - Easter Weakend

So, for Easter, we went to Her Maj's parents again. They keep a good table so I'm absolutely stuffed after the last four days.

On Saturday, Her Maj and I went to Trier, where she wanted to go and fold a couple of jumpers in the clothes stores for old time's sake. At least, that's what it seemed like. She did actually buy a couple of things, probably in the bulk discount knickers section. I don't remember, as I was nearly comatose by then. It took a prolonged visit to a music shop to revive me.

A question for any Trierites out there. I know there's another guitar shop in town, but why does the local Piano shop, which stocks Pianos which don't leave much change out of 6000 euros (and that's the cheap models), not stock any electric guitars of any worth? No, not electro-acoustics, I'm not counting them (because they had a number of mid-price ovations in there) but proper electric guitars. Most of the ones in stock were "COX" cheap-a-likes of the gibson/fender variety. The most expensive guitar in the shop was a (recent) Epiphone Sheraton.

I know, I know, it's probably because you can sell a piano on hire-purchase, and the sort of spotty little oiks likely to want an electric guitar aren't interested in hire-purchase. Either that or they go to the guitar shop, where they don't get sneered at by the keyboardists.

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