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04.05.2005 13:42 - Worried

As I remarked, (rather flippantly - something I regret) Her Maj's Dad (heretofore known as HMD) has had a rather nasty fall. This is not your average seventy-year-old's fall, either, as he was at the top of a ladder painting something. He's broken six ribs, at a time of life where breaking a bone can be extremely serious indeed.

Her Maj is understandibly upset. She's also understandibly angry with HMD for being so stupid at his time of life to climb up a ladder, instead of finding some young idiot in the village to go up it whilst he shouts at him. At the very least he could have got some idiot boy to stand on the bottom of the ladder.

For that matter, I'm a bit upset and angry with him, too. He's seventy, and he's supposed to be retired, but he seems to be doing more work running the Vineyard than ever. He also has a heart condition. I know that just retiring and subsequently vegetating is the quickest way to the grave, and that he'd rather keep busy, but there's a bit of a difference between keeping busy and running a vineyard, as well as doing all the odd-jobs round the hotel. Like I said, he should be yelling at someone else to do things, not doing them himself.

I'm also worried that this could be the thin end of the wedge. Breaking six ribs is pretty serious at the best of times : there could be all sorts of repercussions. I'm extremely worried that he won't be able to recover from this properly.

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