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02.05.2005 14:48 - Time To Take Stock..

With a meme from Helena.

25 years ago

..I was still at school, two years away from final exams. Although I've been told that most people remember me as always laughing about something, I was a quiet, insecure and solitary child. Bad time.

20 years ago

..I was in the throes of my HND, at North Staffordshire Polytechnic. I'd loosened up a bit by then, and was enjoying being a member of the scuba-diving and hang-gliding clubs. Good time.

15 years ago

..I was working at my first job, at Dowty Magnetics. I had started to build my kit-car, which would take three more years to finish. Sort-of-good time.

10 years ago

I was in a band called "The Simpletons". It was probably the best band I will ever be in. I was also having a whale of a time working for "The Agency Manager" haring up and down the country in my Mini installing insurance company backoffice software for them. Good time.

5 years ago

I had not long moved over to Cologne to work for Digital Online Media. Good time, though a little nerve-wracking.

3 years ago

.. The dot com crash was beginning to bite, and I was finding it harder to find freelance work. Bad time, though worse was round the corner.

Last year

Applied for the job where I'm now working. Released my solo record.

This year

..Continuing to work in the same job, just been chucked out of a 60's tribute band who wanted to turn into a blues band. Continuing to work on my new record.


The day after my 39th birthday. Lolled round in the sun. Re-recorded an intro.


About to host a small birthday party in the kitchen at work.


Work, then Jazz band practice.

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