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23.09.2005 10:44 - Hollywood's Comedy Night

Last night, dear reader, was my debut as a comedian.

I know what you're thinking, why is someone from IT trying his hand at comedy? Well, there's enough comedians trying their hands at IT. What actually happened is as a result of meeting Johnny Hollywood during the production of "Dresden - der Brennende Stadt". I had hoped to be cast as a pilot. Such are the machinations of film-making that I was cast as the Landlord, and Johnny (an American) got cast as British aircrew. During the filming, I think he noticed me causing barely-contained hilarity amongst the extras by serving them with beer and saying things like "the cat's pissed in your hat, Sir." He then found this blog and read some of the entries. In spite of which, he still wanted me to do stand-up comedy at his club. After some rapid writing and even more rapid rehearsal, last night I stood up in front of an audience and got them to laugh. On purpose. And Johnny wants me to do more.

Stay tuned.

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