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28.09.2005 21:27 - Comment or the Kitten gets it.

So, I work my fingers to the bone because my friends and readers are all pestering me to allow comments on my blog and WHAT HAPPENS? Only one of you bothers commenting regularly, and she's not even one of the people who pestered for comments. (thanks H, BTW)

There comes a time in the blog lifecycle where the writer begins to question if anyone is actually bothering to read. Not me, though. I have complex computer programs to hand which allow me to work out who read what and when, and where. And whilst we're at it, Mr. Quok-Fi, formerly of the easily-hacked Department of Computing at Phuket University, you might as well give up trying to find the e-mail CGI script that you seem to think is on this site, because it ain't, and if you persist, I have friends who have friends who have friends in your part of the world who will come round and serve you two of your own non-essential bodily organs devilled on toast.

However, I digress. I know you're out there, because I can hear you breathing. The problem is you aren't answering, so you're forcing me into desperate measures. I have no alternative.

Comment now or the kitten gets it.

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