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02.10.2005 04:22 - Nonsense!

I hear that Schmunzeltony has had to apologise (something he seems to be specialising in at the moment) after an 80-year-old was dragged out of the Labour party conference for shouting "Nonsense!" at him.

All I can say is, it's a good job that Tony isn't a comedian (although some would say he is), as draconian behavior toward your audience tends to prejudice them against your act. As does having the Police check on 600 people by stopping them in the (nearby) streets. One person seems to have been hauled over the coals for wearing an Anti-Blair T-shirt. Personally, I would have thought that the last thing a prospective terrorist would do is wear a T-shirt drawing attention to themselves, but what do I know? I'm not in Government, and so, automatically, am less intelligent than those who are.

I find this behavior strange in the extreme, especially as it is all justified in the name of "Anti-Terrorism". Those of you who have powers of recollection that go back further than the last episode of Eastenders may remember a certain attack on a Conservative Party Conference which seriously injured, amongst others, Norman Tebbit. Yet there was no massive follow-on against Terrorism the way that there has been recently. There was no plan to issue identity cards, with half-arsed claims that it would abolish terrorism. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Terrorists responsible for Sept. 11th were trained in Germany, which has ID cards, and went on to commit an atrocity in the USA, which also has ID cards, as has Spain. Furthermore in both countries they would have been registered as Aliens - especially in Germany, which has very strict policies about aliens, as I've found out in the past.

Of course, if the Government had half an ounce of sense, they'd make an ID card something of a consumer item : a hip and fashionable thing to be seen with. Every one would be up in arms about having a bar-code tattooed on their foreheads, but if it's a groovy design just above your arse, the fashion victims would be just queueing up, wouldn't they? How about implants? There's some idiot "professor of cybernetics" already gone and had a chip implanted in his arm to open his car door, why not subcutaneous ID cards? Why not offer ID-card chips in a wide range of groovy badges - with the design of a canopied Pennyfarthing upon it, for example? (Go and do a search on the web if you don't understand that.)

Of course, everyone says anyone who disagrees about carrying an ID card must have something to hide, but the truth is, everyone has something to hide, even if they don't realise it. What if you do get a subcutaneous chip which is then used to track your whereabouts, and whose data is available to the authorities? Data, which, for example, reveals you frequently talk with a known Drug-dealer (something that you were innocent of), or that you didn't actually spend the day ill in bed but went for an interview for another job.

Of course, what no-one has pointed out, is that any ID-card system is only valid if the people giving out the IDs and maintaining the data are incorruptible. Somehow, I don't think they're very valid, do you?

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