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29.10.2005 11:42 - Braughing?

According to the map, I'm popular in Braughing in the UK.


What's Braughing?

How the hell did that get missed out of "The Meaning of Liff"?

Oh well, might as well take the chance to correct an omission :

Braughing (n) :

The act of gaining revenge on someone by deliberately over-stretching and distorting the interior headband of their trilby or fedora, so it falls over their ears at a crucial moment. Rumour has it that disgruntled wardrobe assistants developed this tactic in Hollywood in the 30s, where masters of the technique ('Braughers') would "braugh" a hat with such infinite subtlety that it would give way at exactly the wrong moment during the leading man's close-up.

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