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07.11.2005 19:01 - Golddigging, again.

Just a brief note to thank all the hippity-hoppity fans and their homios again, for their constant quest to download "Golddigger" in great amounts. In particular, I'd like to thank the members of the Yahoo! Music download community, who have been listening to it for two whole seconds, then realising it's not Puff Diddley (or what ever he's calling himself this week). Because of your inability to use a search machine, every time you click on "Golddigger" in Yahoo, I get paid. In fact, I get paid more than Pee Wiggly (or what ever he's calling himself this week) because P.Weakly (or what..&c) has a contract with a big, bad, nasty record company who don't pay him for downloads, because it was never negotiated in his contract, whilst I, a very, very, very minor indie, happen to be in with CDbaby, who believe in profit-sharing. I don't get very much money per download, but I do get 91% of that money, and at 333 downloads so far, all those pennies add up. Thanks lads.

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