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23.11.2005 09:01 - Tranny Porn

Misty isn't immune to having a bit of fun with double-entendres, and so I thought join in the fun. It's blog-filler, it's cheap and it gets the stats up. And why not? If people are going to come here looking for "Porno Burogu" (pornographic blogs) and "Cologne Transvestites" without invitation, then I might as well take the advantage to take the piss out of them. (And yes, those are two search results that have come to my site).

OK, here's a vintage shot of a Dutch (where else?) 70's tranny, an OC4 Low-Frequency transistor for use in amplifiers. Yes lads, she does have sisters - OC3 LF preamp and OC5 HF transistor. This little lady had a career in Dutch radios, and had a shockingly low bias for the time! The way she's holding her legs wide open says it all!

Here's a right pair! The one on the left is Bi, and the other loves 'strict' applications involving AC/DC, 'power', and requires tying down or else she'll get too hot and go wild! And when these pair get to work, it gets hot and no mistake. Woah!

Wow! Whats going on here? A regular orgy! PNP, NPN, Darlington couplings, yes, anything goes as long as your trannies are well-protected against accidental discharge! Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

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