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22.11.2005 12:41 - Guestbook Spammers Please Note

See this IP address : He's a spamming bastard. He runs a computer program that automatically posts into your guestbooks. He's been trying to post into mine for some time, to boost his little discount drugs sales, but it doesn't work.

You know why it doesn't work?

Because, firstly, everything that goes into the guestbook gets manually checked, by me. Secondly, to stop automated spam, my guestbook program checks to see if the referrer of the post block is this server. If it isn't, it's bit-bucket time.

But the thing is, Mr. Spammer, I've tracked your crappy attempts, and I've added another bit to the guestbook, especially just for you, so that whenever you attempt to spam me, you receive a 404 header.

So you're wasting your time.

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