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09.03.2006 09:46 - A Contradiction in Terms


Oxymorons are a contradiction in terms, or, more accurately, a term which contradicts itself. A few of my favorite oxymorons are "Friendly Fire", "Military Intelligence", "Civil Engineer", "Microsoft Works", "Serious Musician" and "French Diplomat".

Because of the white-hot pace of my life at the moment, which is an endless, punishing round of Diplomatic receptions, wild showbiz parties, and, let's be frank, orgies, I am unable (read 'can't be arsed') to write a long entry for today. I am, therefore, throwing open a competition for the readers of this blog to contribute their favorite oxymorons in the comments.

All entries come with their very own prize - a feeling of smug self-satisfaction of Oscar Wilde -like proportions.  Runners-up get a feeling of smug self-satisfaction of Stephen Fry -like proportions, and losers get a dunking in the River Cherwell.

Off you go!!


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