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25.03.2006 11:06 - The World's Most Unrelaxing Bath

Her Maj used to be a keen exponent of aromatherapy. She used to like nothing more than taking a relaxing bath, using those floating aromatherapy candles.

That was, until yesterday.

Last night, she came home from a hard day at work, and ran herself a bath. Only this time, she overdid it with the candles, and passed out from the fumes. I was alerted to her plight by her screams about two hours later. I had to break the lock on the bathroom door. Once I did, I was met with a terrible sight.

Whilst she was unconscious, the candles had burnt down, producing a thick layer of floating wax, which had solidified, imprisoning Her Maj whilst she was comatose.

I had to spend the rest of the night carving her free with a cheese-knife, which is extremely difficult when you're trying to keep a straight face.

She's not going to have to wax her bikini-line for the next year or so.


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