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03.01.2005 09:29 - 2004 - A Mixed Year

Well, as I said, it\'s been a mixed year. A new job, a lot of hard work, but a lot of setbacks, and I\'m particularly glad to see the back of it. A number of friends have had it far, far rougher than I did. Most of the border of the Indian Ocean has had it staggeringly bad.

What irks me about the news coverage of the disaster is the voyeurism involved. It\'s bad enough losing everything in a tidal wave, without the ultimate indignity of some dick with a camera crew attached shoving a microphone up your nose and asking how you feel. Some may say that the news people are doing a service by showing how terrible the tragedy is, and bringing it home to us. However, where will they be in a couple of weeks time? Somewhere else, filming something else, and this will be \"old news\".

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