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17.01.2005 15:14 - Heino

We went to Bad Munstereifel on Saturday, to pick up some lamps that Her Maj ordered from one of the shops the last time we were there. Whilst we were there we decided to go in Heino\'s Rathaus Cafe.

Heino is a big Volksmusik (or \'Schlager\') star in German-speaking nations. Imagine Heinz Burt with big sunglasses and a red jacket (and, it must be said, a better voice) and without a guitar, and you\'re pretty close to what Heino looks like. I have to say that he\'s not the sort of music I\'d listen to, being very slow, schmaltzy and sentimental. He, however, has a following, one that has bought millions of his records. He comes from Bad Munstereifel, originally trained to be a \"Backer/Konditor\" - a baker who can make fancy cakes as well - and still lives there. Not only that, but he beat Planet Hollywood to the punch in opening his star-themed cafe, which conveniently sits next to the Heino Fan shop.

As to the cafe itself, it\'s just like any other that you\'d pop into in Germany, except for two things. Firstly, the place is absolutely papered with his old record sleeves, gold records, and photos. Secondly, the piped music is non-stop Heino. A large photo of Heino with Mick Jagger adorns the wall next to the door - presumably to show young whippersnappers like me how cool Heino still is. (Bet you wouldn\'t get Keith in there). When you get to look at the menu, then all the cakes are apparently made to Heino\'s own special recipe. (Which brings to mind the picture of him working away in the kitchen, whilst crooning into a headset mic over the music for that \"personal\" touch).

We ordered coffee and a cake. The coffee arrived in 50\'s style cups - the whole place reeks of (german) 50\'s nostalgia - and the cake even featured a little white chocolate medallion with a cartoon portrait of Heino.

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