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25.01.2005 10:18 - Schnappi der klein Krokodil

As Bill Bailey would have it, \"There\'s more evil in the charts than in Al Quaeda\'s suggestion box\", and over here is no exception.

Big hit of the moment is the theme tune to a children\'s cartoon about a little crocodile named \"Schnappi\", sung by a four-year old. It\'s been around for about five years now, but someone had the idea of putting a beat to it. There\'s a great german word for the sort of irritating little tune that you can\'t get out of your head : \"Ohrwurm\" (Earworm). This is one of them. Morons everywhere are wandering round singing it proudly.

It makes me want to kill people.

Mostly A&R men.

Update: I\'ve been sent this link by a sympathetic colleague.

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