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22.03.2005 11:07 - Rick Rock

Last night I took the Rickenbacker 350 to rehearsals, and got a pleasant surprise.

Normally, I've got either the Gordon-Smith, the Les Paul special (no piccies yet) or the Epiphone Sheraton through the VOX AC30, which has to compete against the Fender Strats and Teles of my other bandmates. One (no names, no packdrill) hasn't worked out yet you can't hear yourself very well if you stand next to the amp, and so he keeps turning it up too loud. This means constant exhortation to turn down, especially as our present rehearsal room is quite small, and I've got the drummer right next to me.

Well, last night, the ability of a Rickenbacker to cut through was well-demonstrated. Both other guitarists (there's three of us, and we swap bass duties) were completely gob-smacked that a certain guitar, renowned for its quietness, was still able to cut through the other instruments even when turned right down and with the Vox on less than 1/4 volume.

I think I'll start bringing it more often.

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