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31.03.2005 02:08 - Disaster Recovery

I've fixed the laptop temporarily. In the meantime other disasters beckon, though fortunately not of Tsunami-like scale.

I now have to pay my Lawyer bill, back from two years ago when I had to take someone to court whilst unemployed.

Some friends who were coming over at the weekend have cancelled because they're sick.

Tonight I have to remove all my kit from our old rehearsal room, because that must be vacated before the month-end. Talk about short-term. As if it wasn't enough hassle, the car is still at the TÜV.

I'm going to have to ditch the htmlarea Wysiwyg stuff in favour of something else, because it's extremely buggy with Firefox.

We also haven't got any further in booking my birthday trip to Hamburg, to see what's left of the Star Club.

On the nice side of life : someone left a (favorable!) review on my Cd Baby page.

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